While there are many benefits for our loved ones who enter a nursing home, such as Health Concepts LTD, during the latter part of life, the thought of visiting them can create anxiety for some.  There are things you can do to prepare yourself and ease your nerves.  Try one or more of the following to make your visits an enjoyable success!

Take a photo album.

If you have an album handy that contains pictures of family or friends your loved one will recognize, take it with you. Maybe you could even make one for your visit.  The album will likely get conversation rolling, and reminiscing can be an uplifting and energizing activity.

Bring a special treat your loved one is fond of.

Think of a favorite treat, or vice, that will make a smile appear when you offer it.  Whether it's chocolate, French fries, a loaf of homemade bread, or a pack of smokes, something from outside the cafeteria will likely be a welcome sight.  Call ahead to be sure you will not be violating any of the home's guidelines or dietary restrictions.

Join them for a meal.

Suck it up and take in the cafeteria scene with your loved one.  Residents often sit with the same people at each meal, and a new face is a source of excitement.  Your loved one will be the center of attention as he or she explains how you are related or how you met.  Your most embarrassing moments will likely be topic of conversation.  It will be a blast (for the one you are visiting)!  That's worth getting a cafeteria meal down, isn't it?

Be their "date" for an activity.

Call the nursing home and see if there are any scheduled activities, and then ask your favorite resident if you can go together.  Or maybe your resident has a daily routine you could take part in.  Having company on a regular morning walk will likely be a welcome treat.

If you are used to seeing someone in their favorite chair, in the home they've been in for the last four decades, sharing the meal that has been cooked at least a thousand times in that same casserole dish, it can be an awkward thing to see them in their new surroundings.  A lot of emotions can accompany this transition.  These ideas and others can help you look forward to and enjoy seeing someone in a new and unfamiliar setting.  Be confident the visit will be good for both of you!