Diabetes can make keeping your feet in good condition more difficult than it is for a person who doesn't suffer from the disease. This is because diabetes can reduce blood flow to your extremities. If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes, you will want to take extra care to ensure your feet stay in good shape. Here are a few tips you can follow. If you encounter a problem that you can't seem to overcome, contact a foot doctor for help.

Wash Daily But Not With Scalding Hot Water

It's important to keep your feet as clean as possible to avoid the possibility of infection if you get a cut or sore. But when washing your feet, use lukewarm water that you've felt with another part of your body first. Your diabetes might make it difficult to feel sensation in your feet and you could unknowingly do damage to your feet by putting them under running hot water. If your feet already have sores or cuts on them, make sure you dry your feet extra well, as sores that are not completely dry will take longer to heal.

Change Your Socks and Shoes at the Slightest Sign of Discomfort

If you notice any red skin or other signs of irritation from poor fitting socks or shoes, it is critical that you address the situation immediately. Too much irritation could eventually lead to a larger problem because the irritation will not go away as easily for you as it would for someone without diabetes. Consider keeping an extra pair of socks or shoes in the trunk of your car in case your feet get wet while you are out somewhere so you have a fresh change ready to go.

Clip Toenails Frequently But Be Careful

Ingrown or otherwise out of control toenails can cause a problem for you because they naturally cause irritation and, at worst case, could lead to an infection. Keep your feet properly groomed, but also be careful when clipping your nails that you don't accidentally cut your skin.

If you have diabetes, you should take extra care to ensure that your feet remain in healthy condition. Schedule a regular appointment for a check up with a foot doctor or at least at the first sign of any trouble. Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water, be ready to change your socks or shoes at the first sign of irritation and keep your toenails properly groomed at all times to help keep problems at bay. 

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