If you're unhealthy lifestyle has put you in the category with more than 68 percent of Americans who are overweight, you need to get control before your life is in danger. There are a lot of ways you can try to get healthy and avoid problems like overeating, smoking, drinking and more.

If you are struggling to figure out what will work for you, there are places you can turn for help. Here are a few options for those who are overweight and ready for a change.

Weight Loss Clinic

At a weight loss clinic, you can get help with meal planning and food preparation, and you can get hooked up with a service that delivers or mails your meals. At the clinic you'll find out your weight, BMI, and more, and set goals with a medical professional to get healthy.

The clinic is going to have a variety of resources for you to fix your diet, start exercising, and improve your heart health with medical supervision. Once you have gotten the advice of medical experts, you can do things on your own as well.

Fitness Club

A fitness club like a gym or fitness studio, the YMCA or a running club will have classes that you can sign up for and commit to with others. This is going to be a great way for you to work out with others, to push yourself, and to get the motivation you need to get moving. You can try different exercise options and classes that are targeted for beginners and have a place where you know you can go to sweat.

Support Group

Finding a group of people you can go and talk about weight loss with, and that will encourage you to stay on your diet and workout will help you in your journey. Join a weight loss support group to find others you can connect with, that you can check in with, and that you can reach your goals with.

Get in touch with a local weight loss program to start losing weight right away. Don't let another day go by that you put your health in jeopardy, when you know you can get the help you need to start improving your body. You can improve your heart health, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, shed pounds, and improve the way you look if you investigate getting help from these three different things.