Going to rehabilitation after an accident or surgery may be one of the best things for your healing and long-term recovery. Many people who have never been to rehabilitation wonder what the process will entail. Here are some things you need to know before your first experience at rehab.

1. It Will Be Physically Challenging

Going to rehab is like going to the gym, on a smaller scale. Your therapist is much like your personal trainer. They know your medical history and they have the exercises and drills to help you heal properly. This means that for the time that you are at rehab they will be pushing you physically. Depending on your injury and the amount of time you have been in rehab you could be doing muscle reps with weights, working out on a bike, or even running. This is why you need to wear loose fitting clothes that are comfortable, shoes that you can work out in, and water. Treat this time much like you would your time to the gym. Go ready to get a good workout and to walk away tired.

2. You May Experience Pain

It is important to recognize that you might experience pain and discomfort during therapy. This doesn't mean that it should be excruciating and painful. If it is, you need to talk to your therapist and your doctor. There may be something wrong, or you may be working too hard too son.

However, know that the therapist is going to push you past what you may think are your limits. In order to get results they might ask you to do things that you don't feel ready to do. Since the injury site may be weak you will probably experience a good deal of discomfort. Communicate with your therapist the whole time. They will let you know what is the safe and appropriate amount of pain.

3. Healing Is A Long-Term Thing

After a certain amount of time you will be discharged from therapy. But this doesn't mean that your journey is over. After your injury, it is important to keep working at home. Your muscles could once again have problems or the injury site could become painful if you don't keep working at it. Make sure that before you are discharged that you have a good at-home regime and that you are committed to it.

These are just three things that you need to know about physical therapy. For more information, talk to a professional like Cypress Cove Care Center.