Sun spots, age spots and liver spots are all names for an areas of hyperpigmentation on the skin caused by sun exposure. Appearing as flat, circular areas of darker skin, age spots can appear brown, gray or black in color. They can be small or quite large, and they are more common in people with fair skin who are over the age of 40

Age spots are not painful, but they are particularly bothersome because they do age the appearance of the skin. Fortunately, there are several treatment options for age spots. Following are three very different practitioners who can help you get rid of your sun spots. 

Day Spa

Day spas offer intense lightening or brightening facials that are designed to reduce the appearance of age spots. These services usually begin with an exfoliation treatment, which is followed by the application of a series of skin-brightening products. While the products used vary from spa to spa, most products contain glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and vitamin C. These products work over the course of several days and weeks. In addition to getting facials regularly, it is a good idea to use milder versions of the products on a daily basis. For more information, contact Changes Of Cherry Creek/ Denver's Day Spa or a similar location.

Dermatology Office

Dermatology offices offer a wide variety of treatments for hyperpigmentation of the skin, including laser therapy, cryotherapy, dermabrasion and chemical peel. Following are brief descriptions of each. 

  • Laser Therapy - Lasers are directed as spots of hyperpigmentation in order to destroy melanin-producing cells, which are responsible for creating age spots. 
  • Cryotherapy - Cryotherapy utilizes liquid nitrogen, which is placed on age spots to destroy the extra pigmentation found in the skin. 
  • Dermabrasion - Dermabrasion involves removing the surface layer of the skin with a buffer to reveal the younger layers of skin underneath. 
  • Chemical Peel - A chemical peel is similar to dermabrasion. However, chemicals are used to remove the first layer of skin. 

Doctor Office

Your doctor can even help you combat age spots by prescribing certain topical medications, such as hydroquinone, retinoid cream and steroids. These skin brightening products are used over the course of months to gradually fade sun spots. 

While you can choose either one of these avenues to brighten your skin, you can only choose one. If you use prescription creams on a regular basis and get an intense facial, you may end up causing more damage to your skin. Most of these products do cause a little bit of skin irritation. If you use them in excess, you may be sorry.