If one of the main gifts you want for Christmas is to lose weight, there are many gifts you could ask for from your family and friends that will help you reach your goal. Below are two things you may want to consider and information about them so you can make the best decision on what is best for you.

Activity Tracker

An activity tracker counts the steps you walk each day. Ten thousand steps is the equivalent of walking five miles per day, or strenuously exercising for 30 minutes.

Activity trackers do not make you walk, but they can help you want to walk. Watching the numbers rise will motivate you to keep adding to them.

There are some activity trackers that not only count your steps, but also feature a GPS, and an optical heart rate monitor.  Some trackers only monitor your heart rate while you are walking or working out, and others will monitor it all day no matter what you are doing.  Ask for an activity tracker that also monitors how much you sleep, as not getting enough sleep can have an impact on your weight.

You can find activity trackers that are worn on your wrist like a watch, or you can find ones that clip onto your clothing.

Meal Delivery Service

Sometimes the reason people have a hard time losing weight is because they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. Instead, they run through the drive through lane at a fast food restaurant, or put together something that is unhealthy quickly at home.

If you have this problem, ask for a meal delivery service as a gift. Research some meal delivery services in your area so you know which one to ask for. The meal delivery service should be designed for weight loss; some services do bring healthy food, but the food may be high in calories.  Some services give you access to registered dietitians to help you choose the right foods. They may also give you access to a fitness service.

Because this gift will not last forever, take time to learn how prepare your own meal plans before the service stops. Write out a weekly menu so you only purchase what you need at the grocery store instead of coming home with a lot of unhealthy food.

If you have a medical problem, you should make sure you see your doctor while you are losing weight to ensure you are staying healthy throughout the process. Your doctor can also help you and give you many tips on how to lose weight. You can also turn to medically supervised weight loss for a proper plan and schedule to follow.