If you have recently returned to school to get a certificate or degree in an adult education program, you may be wondering which direction you should go. You want something that pays decently once you are employed, but perhaps you need a job with a lot of flexibility. You could get certification as a medical billing specialist. These professionals have a lot of flexibility in how and where they work. Here are three ways you can get a job in medical billing services after you have completed your education.

Working in a Hospital

Many billing specialists work in and for a hospital. They handle all of the hospital's medical bills and accounts. You usually do not work alone, and there will probably be more than one other specialist working alongside you. When you cannot get patients and supply companies to complete their payments and transactions, you may also have to contact these people directly. If your efforts to extract payment or goods is unsuccessful, then you are often responsible for turning the unpaid bills and invoices over to a collections agency. Working for the hospital means that your job will be fast-paced and high stress, but the work is consistent.

Working for a Medical Billing Company

You could also get a job working for a medical billing company like Billing Simplified. This is an outsourced type of company that manages the medical coding and billing for clinics, hospitals and independent practices. You will probably spend most of your working hours in an office cubicle processing billing orders, coding the bills for the services rendered and readying printed bills for the mail. Sometimes you may also take calls from customers who want to understand the charges on their bill or need clarification of the charges. Work can and does slow down from time to time, so there may be days during the year where you are temporarily laid off.

Working at Home as a Freelance Medical Billing Agent

Finally, the last option for work as a medical billing specialist is to work from home as a freelance agent. Many freelance agents start out as telecommuters for medical billing companies and then break off to work for themselves once they have established a client base that wants to follow them into their new, at-home business venture. However, you could also find and build a client base in other ways. No matter how you get your clients, you have the flexibility you need because you work from home and you set your own hours (a preference of many parents with small children).