Unfortunately, getting your wisdom teeth out is something that is necessary for most people. While this procedure isn't something that you will probably look forward to, it is one that really needs to be done. While you likely won't remember much from the procedure itself, you will be very awake and alert during your entire recovery. Because of this, it is important that you are well taken care of. This article will discuss 3 things that can help you when you are recovering from your wisdom teeth removal. 


After the procedure is completed, your oral surgeon will stick gauze in your mouth where the teeth were removed. This gauze is great for soaking up the blood coming from these areas, and stops it from filling your mouth and running down your throat. Since the taste and swallowing of blood can really upset your stomach and make you nauseous, it is very important that it is soaked up. Also, the gauze is very important for stopping dry sockets from forming because it helps the blood to clot, which is what is needed to protect the underlying bone. Your oral surgeon will load you up with extra gauze after the procedure, and may even give you some medicated oils to put on them to help sooth your mouth at the same time. 


You will likely be given two types of medication after your wisdom teeth are removed, pain medicine and antibiotics. It is generally up to you if you take your pain medicine because you know what pain you can handle, but it is required that you take your antibiotics. With open wounds in your mouth, it is much easier for you to get an infection. This infection will really slow down the healing process in your mouth, and if left untreated, can be very harmful to you. Taking your antibiotics is a great way to ensure that you heal fully and quickly. 

A Liquid Diet 

In order to protect your stitches and stop unnecessary pain, it is very smart to have a liquid diet until your wounds are healed. This stops foods from potentially hitting your stitches, or worse, getting stuck in them. Also, be sure to avoid foods that are spicy as well, as this can really irritate your mouth. Liquid foods that are safe include things like soups, smoothies, shakes, yogurts, puddings, ice cream, cream of wheat, or anything else that can be turned into a mostly liquid form. 

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