It can be difficult for your parents to move out of their home and into an assisted living community where they will be able to get the extra assistance they need on a daily basis. Here are three ways you can help your parents adjust to moving into an assisted living community.

#1 Make Sure Your Parents Can Continue Their Routines & Hobbies

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your parents are able to continue important parts of their daily routines as well as their hobbies in their new home. Being able to stick to a common routine can make the switch to a new home feel not so jarring for your parents.

For example, if your parents like to read the paper every evening, make sure that you transfer their newspaper subscription to their new address. Or, if your parents like to garden, set up a small garden for them on their balcony or patio so that they can keep up their hobbies.

Talk to your parents about their daily routine before they move, so that you can make sure that they can keep up the parts of their routine that they value in their new home.

#2 Call On A Regular Basis

The second thing you need to do is call your parents on a regular basis. Moving to a new place may feel isolating for your parents. They may feel separated from their old neighbors as well as family and friends.

When your parents first move in, give them a call every day just to check-in and see if they need anything else to help them settle in. After the first week, set up a specific time a couple of days a week where you call and check in on your parents.

Ask your parent's old neighbors, as well as family and friends, to call your parents at least once a week so they do not feel disconnected from everyone just because they moved.

#3 Visit Regularly & Be Willing To Run Errands 

The third thing you can do to help your parents adjust to their new home is to visit regularly. Make it a point to stop by and visit your parents and just hang out a couple of times a month.

Make time in your schedule as well to take your parents on errands that will help them feel connected to the life they were living before they moved into their assisted living facility. For example, if your mom liked to meet her girlfriends for breakfast once a month, or your dad liked to get his hair cut at a particular barber shop. Try to take your parents to these activities or help arrange for transportation so they can still go to the places and participate in the activities that are meaningful to them.

Moving into an assisted living facility, like All Care Hawaii, is a huge life change. Help your parents with this big life-changing event by taking steps so they can continue to engage in meaningful routines and activities and stay connected to their family and friends.