As your parents age they will likely become more dependent on their children. Sometimes their family is able to care for them in their home, but often grown children are still working or taking care of their children or grandchildren. Other options will need to be considered in this case. Assisted living facilities will care for your elderly parent when you are unable to.

Assisted living facilities offer numerous benefits to seniors. These benefits include bathing, dressing, cleaning, laundry, medication management, meals, activities, transportation and camaraderie with others. Your senior parent will never be alone, but has the choice of retiring to his room at the facility if he chooses to do so. Staff is there to assist him and watch over him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When choosing an assisted living facility you will want to consider many factors, such as:

Location:  You will want to be sure that they are close by so that you can stop and visit often. This will also make them feel more secure knowing that you are close by if they need you.

Price:  Price is very important, as your elderly parent is living on a fixed income that needs to last throughout their golden years. Generally, assisted living facilities charge a base rate, but charge separately the other services that your elderly parent may need.

Level of Care:  Is your parent appropriate for an assisted living community? Assisted living facilities are governed by a specific set of regulations. You will need to find out if the facility is able to accommodate your elderly parents needs.

If you find that your parent is appropriate for assisted living you should:

  • Ask friends and family for their advice on assisted living facilities in the area. They may know someone who has had a positive experience that they can share with you.
  • Make a list of all the possibilities that you are considering. You can narrow down your list as you find out more on each one of them.
  • Call each facility that you are considering and ask for more information. Be observant of the staff's promptness and courtesy.
  • Research the facility on the Internet. Make notes on each facility as you do.
  • When you come up with a defining list, then you can call and make an appointment for a tour of the facility. You should bring your elderly parent with you so they can also see the facility and meet the staff. Note any interactions that take place when touring.

It is important that your elderly parent be a good fit for assisted living so that he can live his remaining years happy, healthy and safe. This is a major decision. Consider all of your choices wisely.