Your hearing aid is responsible for helping you hear with greater clarity so you can enjoy things people take for granted every day, such as listening to music, watching TV, or even engaging in conversation. But if your hearing aid is becoming uncomfortable, you want to upgrade to something more discreet, or you are having other issues with the device, it may be time for a new one. Here are 3 signs you are ready for a new hearing aid.

Your hearing aid is older

Hearing aids typically last up to 5 years with proper maintenance and use. If your hearing aid is older, even if it is still comfortable, it may be time for you to upgrade. The reason for this is because older hearing aids can be more difficult to repair once manufacturers discontinue making them. Talk to your audiologist about current models of hearing aids you can consider so you can always have access to repairs when you need them.

Your hearing aid has become difficult to manage

If you have a new health condition, such as arthritis, that is making your hearing aid more difficult to operate and manage, you may want to consider upgrading to newer digital models that require less maintenance. Also, if you are on oxygen, your current hearing aid may not have the noise-cancelling capabilities that you need to maximize your hearing abilities. Your audiologist can help you choose a lower-maintenance model that works well for your other current health conditions.

Your hearing has gotten worse

Just like eyeglass prescriptions need to be upgraded to fit your current vision, your hearing aid needs to be upgraded if your hearing has worsened. You may notice that your hearing aid suddenly makes noises sound muffled or muted, and the device may not be to blame. Your hearing may have simply worsened beyond your hearing aid's current settings and changes need to be made. You can do this by having your current hearing aid readjusted to handle higher or lower frequencies or by upgrading to a newer model that will allow you to have a more positive hearing experience.

When you wear a hearing aid, you need to keep in mind that you will likely need to upgrade to a new model or version of your current device at some point. Being able to recognize some signs that you need a new hearing aid can help you improve your hearing and overall quality of life.

For more information and options, visit a hearing aid center, such as County Hearing And Balance.