It is no secret that the first trimester of pregnancy can be very tough for some women. Your body is creating a human being and this is going to require it to undergo several changes in a short period of time. While some women's bodies are going to react differently than others, there are some things that normally happen to most women. Thankfully, there are some medications that you can take that will help you out a great deal. And the great thing about these medications is that they are all safe to take during pregnancy. This article will discuss 3 medications that can help you get through your first trimester of pregnancy. 

Anti-Nausea Pills

Morning sickness is something that is very common for women to have in their first trimester of pregnancy. While it may present itself in different ways for different women, the underlying feeling is still going to be nausea. When you go into your OBGYN for your first check-up, you can have them give you some pregnancy safe anti-nausea pills that help to fight off this nausea. This will allow you to function more like a human being again and can really help you to keep your food down, if this was a big problem for you. 

Acid Reducers

Another issue that can arise in the first trimester of pregnancy is going to be heartburn. The changes going on within your body can create more acid in your stomach, which presents itself in the form of heartburn. This heartburn can make it hard for you to eat because of the after effects of heartburn, and it can also make it difficult to sleep because you are so uncomfortable and are always tasting bile. Thankfully, you can purchase some over-the-counter acid reducers to help reduce your heartburn. You can simply pop some in when you feel heart burn coming on and continue to do so throughout the day and night. Just make sure you don't exceed what is medically recommended. 

Stool Softeners 

Another problem that women experience in their first trimester is constipation. Not being able to have a bowel movement can feel terrible and can make many women sicker than they already are. A great way to combat this during pregnancy is with stool softeners. You can take traditional pill stool softeners that will soften your stool at the source, allowing you to have a comfortable bowel movement. You can also use suppositories and enemas if you have a blockage that will not allow you to have a bowel movement. Just check with your OBGYN to see the exact kinds of stool softeners, suppositories, and enemas that they recommend. 

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