Hearing problems can be difficult to diagnose in children. Your child may think that their hearing is normal, especially if they don't have anything to compare it to. Unfortunately, that can leave your child at a loss to hear the things that are going on around them. Luckily, there are some signs that your child might be exhibiting that will help you pinpoint a hearing problem. If your child is exhibiting any of the following four signs, you should schedule a hearing test for your child as soon as possible.

Doesn't Hear You from Behind

Have you noticed that your child doesn't hear what you say when you're standing behind them? That could be a sign that they're experiencing a problem with their hearing. Try quietly walking up behind your child. If your child doesn't acknowledge your presence, say something to them. If they still don't notice you standing behind them, it's time to have their hearing tested.

Is Having Problems in School

Is your child having problems at school? Have their grades begun to suffer even though they're still working just as hard? If you answered yes to those questions, your child might have an undiagnosed hearing problem. This is particularly true if your child has asked to move closer to the front of the room, or complains about not being able to hear the teacher. Talk to the teacher about any signs they might have noticed, and then talk to your doctor about a hearing test.

Watches Your Mouth When You Speak

Has your child begun concentrating on your mouth when you speak? They might be trying to read your lips while you speak. Hold a conversation with your child and see if they watch your mouth. If they do, turn your head, or place your hand in front of your mouth and continue speaking. If your child suddenly has a difficult time following the conversation, they need to have their hearing tested.

Is Speaking More Loudly

Has your child suddenly begun speaking more loudly than they used to? Does it seem as if they're constantly raising their voice when they speak? If so, they might be having a difficult time hearing themselves speak. Ask them to lower their voice, and see if they're able to do so. If they're unable to, it's time to have their hearing tested.

Hearing problems can interfere with every aspect of your child's life. If your child is experiencing any of the signs described above, ask your doctor to perform a hearing test. Your child may have a hearing deficit that will require medical intervention. If your child is in need of hearing aids to help them hear, contact a company like Jacobs Clinical Diagnostics for more information.