Some people who hate cold weather move to the South for a winter that is much warmer. If you are planning to do this, and you wear glasses, you need to take extra care of them if you go to the beach. Below are some tips you can use so you can go back home with your eyeglasses in good condition.

Prevent Scratching

There is no way you can completely scratch proof your glass lenses, but there are things you can do to lessen the chances of their getting scratched. If you go to the beach, the sand will scratch everything, including your glasses, if you happen to drop them while on the sand. To take care of this problem, you can have an anti-scratch coating put on the lenses. This is a completely clear coating, so it is not noticeable in any way. The coating is placed on both sides of the lenses. There are coatings you can purchase and apply yourself, but you should consider letting your eye doctor apply this coating for you. This will ensure that it is applied properly.

Wear Your Glasses Around Your Neck

There are chains that you can purchase that will hold your glasses around your neck. You may think of older people using these chains, but there are some very stylish chains on the market. This will prevent you from dropping your glasses at the beach, at the pool, or anywhere else where you do not wear the glasses.

There are chains that are silver or gold that look much like a traditional necklace.  You can find chains that are made from a thin waxed rope or even a chain made of pearls. You can purchase these chains at many stores or online. If you want something very stylish, have an eyeglass chain handmade for you.

Wear Prescription Goggles

If you have very bad eyesight and need your glasses all the time, you will have problems if you plan to swim underwater. Because you cannot wear your glasses while underwater, ask your optometrist if they can prescribe prescription goggles that you can wear. These goggles wrap securely around your head like traditional goggles, but you will be able to see clearly while you are swimming. You may be able to find these goggles online. These companies will use your prescription to make the lenses.

Because you will be in the South, ask a doctor, such as one at White Bear Eye Clinic & Optical, to prescribe sunglasses for you before you go.