One of the biggest problems with hearing loss is that it can isolate you from friends and family, which often leads to depression that then leads to further health problems. Luckily, we're in a day and age where there is a ton of technology and resources available to help you to cope with hearing loss. Here are five tips to help you enjoy family gatherings and prevent isolation after hearing loss:

  1. Sit in the Middle: If you are sitting down to a meal, don't isolate yourself further by sitting on the edge of the table. Instead, sit towards the middle where you can hear better and become more engaged in conversation, especially with the people sitting right next to you. 
  2. Keep Background Noise Low: If you're able to, request that you keep background noise low. If it's in your home, this is easier to control, but if you are going to someone's house, don't be afraid to request that background noise is low. This includes lowering the volume of the TV or music. If you are going to be going out to eat, it's better to request to sit outside if the inside is too loud because of live music or TVs. 
  3. Adjust Your Hearing Aids: Your hearing aids need to be adjusted whenever you are going into a different setting and hearing aids nowadays have many different features and settings that allow you to do this. You want to adjust them so that they are prepared to handle the amount of noise that is going to be surrounding you so that they can better help you hear one-on-one conversations without getting overwhelmed. 
  4. Take Breaks: Remember to take breaks whenever it becomes overwhelming to try and hear everything all at once. This gives you some time to also adjust your hearing aids again if the current settings aren't working without being too embarrassed about playing around with. These breaks can either be taken outside or in the bathroom or a separate room, but it gives you a chance to recollect yourself so that you are prepared to take on the extra noise again. 
  5. Don't be Embarrassed to Show You Can't Hear: While hearing loss is not something you are likely proud of, it's helpful for yourself and the people around you to make it clear when you can't hear. This way, communication becomes easier between you and that person since they will know to speak up, which makes you more comfortable and happier. 

With these five tips, you can easily enjoy a family get-together even with the hearing loss you are currently going through. Contact a clinic, like Whisper Hearing Centers, for more help.