Flu season is on its way for most of the country, and people need to be aware of the danger. It's estimated that 80,000 people actually died from the flu just last year, so you should do everything you can to protect your health if you think you're developing the flu. Here's why you should get to an urgent care facility, like La Costa Urgent Care, and seek help immediately if you experience flu symptoms.

Secondary Infection Risk

One of the biggest problems with the flu is that it's often not the only thing that a person will develop. While the body is hard at work fighting the flu, it often allows a secondary infection to develop — typically a form of pneumonia, like bacterial pneumonia.

The sooner you get treatment for the flu, the less likely you are to experience a secondary infection. Alternatively, if you're already experiencing one, an urgent care facility can prescribe antibiotics to control the bacterial infection so that your body can focus on fighting the flu.

Timing Is Everything

Science has made big advances in fighting the flu over the last few years. While before it was up to your body to do the majority of the work, antiviral medications can now be prescribed to help kill the flu. These medications have the approval and recommendation of the CDC, so any urgent care facility will keep them in stock.

The main problem with the current antiviral medicines is that they're most effective when taken as soon as possible after being infected. This means that if you hesitate for too long, the medication may not work or it may not be as helpful.

Transfer if Worse

Finally, you should go to the urgent care facility as soon as possible for a full evaluation. Doctors can diagnose whether or not you've developed a secondary infection, or if your symptoms are becoming severe. If so, they will likely transfer you to a hospital for treatment. This is preferable to going to an ER to seek an exam for your condition, as waits at emergency rooms tend to be extremely long. The urgent care facility can prescribe medication to help ease your symptoms and then transfer you directly.

Even if you aren't sure that your symptoms are the flu, you're better off getting help right away at an urgent care facility. If it isn't the flu, they'll still treat you for whatever you do have, and if it is, you couldn't be in better hands.