Massage therapy can treat a wide range of issues, from sore muscles to stress, and is beneficial for both adults and children. If you have scheduled your first professional massage, you may wonder what to expect. It is important to educate yourself about the process and learn about the common myths.

Here are some common misconceptions about massages.

1. All Massages Are the Same

Many people who have not had professional massages may assume they are all the same. This just isn't true. There are several types of massages and they are designed to do different things.

For example, sports massages are designed for athletes who want to treat or prevent injuries. Swedish massages are very gentle and designed for those who just want to relax. If you suffered an injury during an accident, you may benefit from getting an orthopedic massage.

2. You Should Never Interrupt Your Massage Therapist

Some people are under the impression that they should never interrupt their massage therapist, even if they are in pain. However, you should never be afraid to speak up. Although some massages may cause you to feel pressure, they shouldn't be overly painful. If you feel too much discomfort, let your therapist know as soon as possible.

3. Massages Don't Do Anything for Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you will be happy to know this is a myth. Professional massages can actually alleviate migraines by reducing muscle tension in the neck and head. After you receive a professional massage, you may have fewer migraines.

4. You May Feel Sore Afterward

While some people may feel sore the day after a professional massage, others don't. If you don't feel sore after getting a massage, that is okay. That does not mean the massage was not effective. Definitely check in with the therapist if you're still sore after a few days. 

5. The Effects of a Massage Are Short-Lived

Some people may be skeptical about getting a professional massage because they believe the effects don't last long. Fortunately, this is not true. Skilled massage therapists know how to make your muscles stronger and more flexible, which can ultimately reduce the amount of discomfort you feel later on. 

As you can see, there a lot of myths about massages. If you want to start experiencing the benefits of massage therapy, schedule a session with a licensed massage therapist soon. If you enjoy the results, you can schedule more sessions in the future.