Whether it is due to osteoporosis or an injury, living with back pain is not easy. When you have that kind of discomfort, you may have trouble completing basic tasks or even getting out of bed. The good news is that you can find relief from your back pain without resorting to surgery.

Here are a few effective ways to alleviate back pain.

Include Calcium in Your Diet

If your back pain has resulted from a condition like osteoporosis, increasing your calcium intake may help relieve your discomfort. Besides milk and cheese, great sources of calcium include broccoli, tofu, salmon, and soybeans. If you can't get enough calcium from food alone, you should ask your doctor about taking supplements.

Get a Massage

If you suffer from chronic back pain, receiving a massage from a physical therapist may be helpful. Your physical therapist will use their hands to reduce muscle spasms in your back, providing you with relief. When you get a massage, do not hesitate to speak up if something does not feel right.

Try Yoga

Practicing yoga can benefit many parts of your body, including your back. Yoga can help release tension in your back. Good yoga poses for back pain include downward-facing dog, bridge pose, and child's pose. 

If you have never tried yoga before, you should consider doing it with a trained instructor.

Give Up the High Heels

High heels can definitely add style to your outfit. However, they are not so good for your back. If you frequently wear heels, they can eventually push your spine out of alignment, resulting in pain. If you still want to wear heels on occasion, put padded inserts in them to reduce the effect on your spine.

Look at Your Weight

Carrying excess pounds can increase your risk of health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. It can also do a number on your back. If you have a high BMI, the extra weight can put a lot of stress on your spine.

By losing weight, you may see an improvement in your back pain. If you are having difficulty starting a weight loss program on your own, you should talk to your doctor.

As you can see, you can take steps to relieve your back pain. If you still are unable to find relief, you should schedule an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. They can provide you with the treatment you need.