Microneedling treatment is effective for reducing the appearance of many types of imperfections on the skin including wrinkles and acne scars. However, it's important to prepare properly for this type of treatment to maximize its effectiveness.

The following are six mistakes to avoid in the days leading up to your microneedling treatment if you want to achieve the best possible results. 

Undergoing hair removal procedures on the skin you're having treated

Hair removal procedures such as waxing or applying depilatory creams can be hard on the skin. You don't want to make the skin more sensitive right before undergoing microneedling treatment.

If you need to remove hair from the skin area where you'll have microneedling done, make sure you have hair removal done a few days before or after your microneedling treatment to avoid skin sensitivity. 

Allowing your skin to be exposed to the sun

Exposure to the UV rays given off by the sun can also make your skin more sensitive. You need to be careful to protect your skin from sun exposure before you go in for microneedling treatment. 

Using topical skin treatments that can increase sensitivity

Perhaps you apply certain topical treatments to your skin as part of your skincare regime. It's important to reconsider topical treatments in the days leading up to your microneedling treatment.

You definitely don't want to be applying any topical treatments that could make the skin more sensitive such as retinoids or topical antibiotics before you go in for microneedling treatment. You also shouldn't apply any exfoliating treatments to your skin before microneedling. 

Taking blood thinning medications

If you've been prescribed to take blood thinning medications, you should talk to your doctor about taking a short break from this treatment before going in for microneedling. Blood thinning medication can leave your skin more prone to unsightly bruising when microneedling treatment is performed. 

Taking medicines or supplements with anti-inflammatory effects

You need the inflammatory response in your skin to function normally to get the best possible results from microneedling treatment. For these reasons, you shouldn't take any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen in the days immediately leading up to your microneedling treatment. 

Going in for treatment without first washing your face

You're not supposed to have any substances such as makeup or lotion on your face when you go in for microneedling. For this reason, you might want to carefully wash your face before going in for your appointment. 

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