If you've been dealing with hearing loss, but you haven't met with your doctor yet, now's the time to start planning before the holidays come. This is especially important if you plan to participate in family gatherings. Don't let hearing loss prevent you from enjoying the holidays. Use the tips provided here to prepare for the festivities. 

Schedule a Hearing Test

If you suspect that you're suffering from hearing loss, don't wait any longer to schedule your hearing test. Your hearing test will determine the severity of your hearing loss. It will also help your doctor choose a treatment plan that works best for your level of hearing loss. However, a hearing test will also provide your doctor with the opportunity to discuss hearing protection for the holidays. 

Be Open With Your Family

If you're suffering from hearing loss, you shouldn't suffer alone. Instead, tell your family about the effects of hearing loss that you're experiencing. If your family is aware of your hearing loss, they can make adjustments to accommodate your needs during the festivities. For instance, if you have hearing loss in your right ear, your family can make sure that you're seated in a spot that will allow you to hear the conversation. Or, they can speak up so that you can follow along. 

Choose the Surroundings

When it comes to dealing with hearing loss, one of the best things you can do is choose your surroundings. This is especially important in large crowds. For instance, if trying to follow multiple conversations causes confusion, try to find a quiet place you can better enjoy the festivities from. If you find your ears ringing part way through the festivities, excuse yourself for a few minutes. You can use this time to go for a walk or to find an unoccupied room. The time away will give your ears a chance to recover. 

Use Available Technology

Finally, if you're preparing for holiday gatherings, and you haven't gotten your hearing aid yet, now's the time to prepare yourself with additional forms of technology. If you're heading to a family gathering, and you're worried that you won't be able to hear the conversations, utilize your smartphone. There are apps that you can use that will turn your smartphone into an amplifier. This will allow you to hear the conversations without using your hearing aid. Also, if you're going to participate in online family gatherings, don't forget to turn to the captions on. That way, you can read the conversation and participate.

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