When you visit a local cancer clinic to receive radiation treatments for a cancerous tumor, you'll be taking a big step in reducing your pain and boosting your quality of life. While radiation can play a positive role in the destruction of cancer in your body, you may experience some side effects that relate to this type of treatment. One common side effect is the irritation of your skin in the affected area. Fortunately, you can manage this side effect through a number of simple methods. Here are three ways to care for your sensitive skin after your radiation sessions.

Stay Out Of The Sun

The irritation of your skin after radiation can vary based on several different factors, but you want to ensure that you don't make it worse. It's important to try to limit your exposure to the sun. Getting sunburnt in an area that is already tender can be problematic. When possible, stay indoors on sunny days. Even if it's overcast, you should limit your time outside. When you have to be outdoors, wear clothing that covers the affected skin and do your best to stay in the shade.

Hydrate With Cream

It's important to keep your skin hydrated as this can prevent it from itching as a result of dryness. When you visit a local cancer treatment center for your radiation consultation appointment, you may receive some recommendations about specific skin creams that you can use to treat the area of your skin that is irritated. Generally, you'll want to use gentle cream that doesn't contain artificial scents that may bother some people's skin. Hypoallergenic products, in particular, can be a good choice. Gently applying the cream to your skin can help with the discomfort.

Choose Your Clothing Carefully

You'll also want to choose your clothing carefully so that whatever garments you wear don't aggravate your sensitive skin. It's important to wear articles of clothing that are loose fitting. This will prevent the fabric from rubbing on your skin to some degree. Additionally, you'll want to choose garments that have soft fabric types. When the fabric makes contact with the skin, soft fabric won't cause discomfort in the same way that a rougher fabric might. Depending on what part of your body is being treated, you should try to keep the skin exposed rather than covered with clothing when you're at home.

Learn more about post-radiation skin care by contacting a local cancer treatment center.