If you have a lot of neck pain this can make it difficult to deal with daily activities. This pain can last a very long time in some cases if you do not seek treatment. Below are some things that can cause neck pain and how this can be treated. 

Neck Pain Causes

One thing that can cause neck pain is aging. For example, as you age the joint cartilage in your neck may wear down, which is known as osteoarthritis. If this happens, you will feel pain every time you move your neck from side to side. The spaces in your spine can narrow over time which can cause spinal stenosis and can cause neck pain. 

You may have a pinched nerve in your neck or a herniated disc in your back. You can also overuse neck muscles, causing pain and neck stiffness. If you are under a lot of stress, your muscles may tighten, including the muscles in your neck which causes neck stiffness and pain. Having poor posture while sitting can cause neck pain, as well as if you are overweight. 

Neck Pain Treatment Options

Your doctor will do some tests to determine what is causing your neck pain. This may be using x-rays which can show the doctor if the problem is with your nerves or if it is degenerative. They may also use a CT scan to give them a much more detailed image of your neck structure. They may order an MRI, which shows detailed views of the soft tissue and the bones in your neck. 

The doctor may prescribe pain medication for you to take for a short time. They may also prescribe a muscle relaxant to help with muscle pain in your neck. Physical therapy is commonly used for this problem. The therapist can teach you how to sit properly. They can also teach you exercises that will strengthen the muscles in your neck. They may use electrical stimulation, ice, and heat as part of the therapy. The therapist will give you exercises to do at home on a regular basis to continue with the treatment. 

Traction can be used to treat neck pain, which is using pulleys, weights, an air bladder, etc. to stretch the muscles in your neck gently. This is always done under the supervision of your physical therapist or doctor.  The doctor may also have you wear a soft collar for a short time in the beginning to help with the pain. 

Your doctor can give you more treatment options to help you with your neck pain